About Premier Electrics

Premier Electrics is an award-winning business focused on delivering electrical installation, small works and maintenance projects for clients in the commercial, industrial, leisure and retail sectors since 1993.

Working with many leading household names we have built a reputation as a forward thinking, innovative and dynamic organisation that recognises the importance of building lasting sustainable business relationships with our clients.

At Premier Electrics we offer:

  • An exceptional track record of work throughout Ireland, UK and Europe.
  • 28 years experience of delivering large scale electrical projects.
  • Strong relationships with many leading organisations within the industry.
  • A seamless in-house service solution including electrical design, installation, commissioning and maintenance.
  • A highly skilled and qualified team.
  • A commitment to client excellence and building lasting relationships.

A truly European business, Premier Electrics have delivered in excess of 1000 projects over the last 28 years across numerous European countries including UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Austria and Belgium.

To understand how we can support you in your next project, please contact us or call our Head office on +44 (0)28 79386849 or email info@premierelectrics.com.