Meet our Test & Commissioning Manager, John Logan

How long have you worked for Premier Electrics?

I initially joined Premier Electrics in April 2019 as Lead Inspection & Testing Engineer which led to promotion to Test & Commissioning Manager within a year.

What is your current role at Premier Electrics?

I am currently the Test & Commissioning Manager at Premier Electrics. I head up the Inspection & Testing department and manage all inspection & testing activities at the company. This includes day to day oversight of test engineer’s duties along with reviewing and signing off on Certification for LV Power, Emergency Lighting, Fire Alarm and other required certification for UK, Ireland and European Projects we are involved in. The role involves close co-ordination with our Project Managers to ensure works are commissioned and certified in line with each particular job program to ensure tight deadlines are met and systems are not only brought online in time but are also compliant to the jurisdiction and subsequent standards and regulations.

What’s the best thing about working at Premier Electrics?

The people around me. Whether it be a senior manager with 20+ year’s service or an apprentice on their first day everyone is treated with the same respect, which ensures every team member feels empowered within Premier Electrics. This creates a distinct culture where all team members feel they have a voice with the company which ensures working relationships are of the highest order which in turn makes working for Premier Electrics a pleasure in its own right.

What do you do in your spare time outside of work?

Being a husband and father to 3 young children most of my time outside of work centres around my family. We enjoy days out to local parks and playgrounds, trips to the cinema and of course the all important ice cream on the way home, no day out with the kids would be complete without it! I also enjoy getting into the vegetable patch in the good weather and hosting friends and family for summer Barbeques.