Safety First!

20th July 2018

Premier Electrics staff have recently taken part in a number of safety training initiatives including first aid training, defibrillator training and fire safety training.

The extensive first aid training course provided by St Johns Ambulance Service. The course provides first aiders with the ability to respond to accidents and emergencies in the workplace, such as heart attacks, strokes, blood loss, allergic reactions and shock.  

Premier Electrics have a defibrillator located within their office in case of an emergency. Staff have recently received training on how to use this device in case it is ever be needed.

Staff have also received training on the best ways to prevent or react to a fire in the workplace to ensure that everyone remains safe.

Premier Electrics hope that our staff are never required to respond to an accident or emergency in the workplace, but it is part of our pro-active approach to Health & Safety to ensure we have the skills and ability to respond if we are needed.