Hilton Garden Inn, Silverstone

Location Silverstone, England
Timescale 32 Weeks
Client RG Group

Premier Electrics delivered a complete new fit out for the Hilton Garden Inn which is located at the Start/Finish line at the famous Silverstone F1 racetrack.

It is close by Silverstone Interactive Museum which features 360-degree views of the iconic racetrack. It’s Silverstone’s first and only trackside hotel.

The hotel incorporated balconies on all floors. A state of the art restaurant was also included and a sky bar on the rooftop of the hotel to provide entertainment for the guests on race day. The hotel has a bridge which connects the hotel to the Siliverstone wing building where all the race teams and cars are kept.

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Silverstone Hilton Hotel Entrance 2
Silverstone Hilton Hotel Entrance 1
View From Bedroom Balcony Racing
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